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Mrs. Rifat Farzana
Riaft Farzana began her business with her family’s boutique chains from the beginning of this millennium. She is a woman with an attitude and an aptitude for business and people. From humble beginnings, she overcame tremendous competition to become one of the most valuable young CEOs in the nation.

After marriage, she has been instrumental to her better half and extended her hands to Excellent Sweaters Ltd. Under her guidance, ESL tripled it’s sales and take the business to a higher level among the fastest growing businesses in the sweater industry. 

She has the passion for helping women entrepreneurs amplify their business. She influences them not to choose having a child and staying home to raise a family or returning to the corporate world rather to take control of your life, your income, and your family and make your own opportunities instead.

Mr. Nasir Uddin
Managing Director
After finished University studies he begin his career in 1998 in a fashion state of art industry and worked with few liaison offices more than 12 years and were extremely successful in making business expansion and done profitable deals for those company. His colleagues were most influential and helped form the young Nasir's business sense.

After gaining the necessary business skills he started business in 2010 with confidence and started to display prominently. He has a self confident and extravagant businessman that has made him instantly recognizable wherever he goes.

Excellente Sweater Ltd.
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193/195, Bengal Plaza 3rd & 4th Floor,
Jamgora, Uttar Gazir Chat,
Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka-1349